Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The dreaded obesogen

Yeah, they’ve coined a new term. Now, in addition to carcinogens which can be found almost everywhere including the air we breathe, we now have to worry about obesogens – toxic chemicals present in food, food packaging and pesticides that cause weight gain.

So it may not be that burger and fries that’s making you fat – it could be the plastic in your water bottle or the essence of bug spray that lingers in the skin of the apple you just ate. Eating healthy may not be so healthy after all.

This article at msnbc.com gives the scoop on obesogens and cites them as yet another reason why diets don’t work for so many people. You can’t lose weight if your body is trying to be fat against all odds. The article advocates eating organic foods as one way to combat the abundance of obesogens in the environment.

The article makes a very scary point – especially about commercially produced meat. Inject a cow with growth hormones, make a hamburger out of it then blame the person who eats the hamburger for their weight gain.

If you need me, I’ll be at the organic food store.


  1. EVERYTHING is bad for you.

  2. Obesogens? That explains *everything*. Too bad we can't afford to eat "healthy". I don't know about you, but buy all organic foods for a family of four would break the bank. :/